Customer Service

How can we help you?
We want to have a close relation with you that is also professional and human. Our goal is to fulfill your needs and clarify any doubts you may have before your hospital stay.
In Clínica Sagrada Familia we work to serve people, offering straight, close and personalized assistance.
Location: The Customer Service and Admissions Unit is located in the ground floor of the Clinic’s main building.
Telephone number: 93 212 23 00
Fax number: 93 212 40 50, hospital’s general fax number
Email address:
Coordination: Isabel Raya, Montse Castells

The Costumer Service Unit is part of the Admissions area, which also includes the general information desk and the call center.
It is the core department of our Clinic, because it represents the link between the costumers and our organization. It is in charge of managing admissions and assigning rooms in close coordination with the surgical group.

Mrs. Pilar Ferrer heads this area. She is responsible for treating patients and all users of our center in a respectful way, welcoming them warmly and making sure all their information remains confidential. Thanks to their large experience, people who work at this area redirect any incidences to other personnel who can efficiently solve them.

The complaint form represents the way the Catalan Agency of Consumption, along with the institutions, has at the consumers’ disposal to present complaints, claims and reports regarding the incidences that affect the normal consumption activity.

This form could be picked up at the Admissions department or through the following link.

To get a copy of the medical report, images or other information related to medical records, the person requesting it should be authorized according to the Personal Data Protection Law.

How to request the information?

Adult patients: The person applying for it should fill the medical information request form and include a copy of an official identification document.

Underage patients: The parents, guardians or legal representatives of the person applying must request it, fill the medical information request form and prove their relation with the patient, including a copy of an official identification document.

Where to submit the request?

The form and the required documents should be submitted at the admission’s information desk in the ground floor of the Clinic’s main building.


Be treated humanely, respecting their dignity, intimacy and religious and philosophical convictions.
Receive comprehensive and continuous information about:

  • Hospital services.
  • Names of the medical and nursing staff taking care of them.
  • Personal identification.
  • Ways to obtain supplementary information.
  • Ways to provide suggestions and complaints.

Receive information from the doctor in charge about the following medical aspects:

  • Reason for the admission.
  • Specific and general risk of a diagnosis or treatment. When necessary, possible alternatives to the selected procedure.
  • Receive detailed information before being included in a study or investigation. Consent must be given.

Written reports must be received.
Medical records must be kept.


For their health recovery, cooperate to the maximum extent with the medical team.
Help in the fulfillment of the center’s internal rules.
Sign or do not sign the consent (after being previously informed) of the proposed diagnosis treatment.
Treat respectfully all hospital personnel and other patients.
Respect the intimacy, rest and comfort of other patients. This includes keeping silence, limiting the number and length of visits and reducing the television and radio volume to not disturb others.

Help us to improve

The suggestion form helps us improve the experience people have with us. We want to improve any organization aspect of our hospital with the goal of making easier our surgical procedures to the patients and their families.

This form can be picked up at any of our clinic’s areas or through the following link

After being filled, the form can be delivered by hand at the Admissions department or at the Infirmary control. It can also be sent by regular mail or email.

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