About our center

Clínica Sagrada Familia

We care about you

In Clínica Sagrada Familia, we offer you personalized and cohesive assistance. We have a medical staff formed by true and experienced professionals, and own 21,000 square meters of medical facilities and services for your comfort.

We have been in the business for more than 40 years in which we have experienced constant technical and professional development. This has positioned us in the first line of health assitance, both nationally and internationally.

We are a certified center by the Department of Medical Resources of the Catalan Government. We are also members of the Catalan Association of Medical Institutions and of Barcelona’s Medical Centers.

We want to be at your side all the time


Our mission is to provide patients special assistance base on their specific needs. This assistance must be professional, comprehensive, fast, efficient, warm and friendly.

Our staff has a large and proven experience in medical assistance. This allows us to offer our patients the best expectations in the scientific, specific and human areas.


In Clínica Sagrada Familia, we constantly progress through personal and technological innovation. We believe in international practice and offer personalized assistance to our patients in Barcelona.
We work together with most of the mutual insurance companies that operate in Spain.


Assistance is provided in a comprehensive way by a multidisciplinary and experienced staff. We coordinate all our units and the center’s facilities to make your visit or stay easy and comfortable.


Our history goes back to 1970 when the Religious Congregation of San Joseph’s Daughters founded Clínica Sagrada Familia. In 1991, Clínica Sagrada Familia became part of a group formed by more than 150 physicians. Our center is in constant growth and in 2004 it launched a new building for external practice, making things easier for all our users.

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