Cardiology and Heart Surgery

Your heart sets the rhythm of your life. Take care of it!

In the Cardiology and Heart Surgery Unit we offer a comprehensive service, treating all heart diseases at the same center. We take care of all heart patients with a specialized staff that uses the most advanced technology, reaching the highest quality standards.
We are at our patients’ side during the prevention, diagnosis and following of the treatment proposed for assisting any problem or disease.
In our department, all Cardiology services are at our disposal to be used by professionals with large experience on the matter. We improve constantly in equipment and training, moving forward in early prevention of the risk factors like hypertension, cholesterol, smoking, obesity… to avoid cardiovascular diseases, which are unfortunately very common nowadays in our society.
In our Cardiology Unit, we also offer the Electrophysiology specialty, where we treat all types of arrhythmias. Diagnosis and therapeutic tests take place at UCRISA, where we take care of Hemodynamics, Electrophysiology and Angioradiology.
We also provide a heart rehabilitation service, which is performed by specialists who use available adaptations and the most advanced technology.
We develop working plans with goals to achieve. With proven results, this allows patients to recover and join their regular life in a shorter amount of time. All the process is controlled by a cardiologist from Dr. Alberto Castro Cels’ team and a center rehabilitator.

You can count on us in every heartbeat.

We treat all heart specialties at the same center, regardless if it is a diagnosed disease or a potential one.



Our specialized services: we treat all heart diseases.

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Interventional Cardiology
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Heart Surgery
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