Our experience becomes your relief

In the Neurology and Neurosurgery Unit we treat nervous system diseases.
We have a team formed by professionals who will offer you a complete, multitask and close assistance.
Besides, we also have an experienced Epilepsy Unit that maps and monitors brain and medullar functions during high-risk surgeries for the neurological function.
You deserve accuracy. We provide it.

Since 1989, we pioneer Spain in tumor surgery and the treatment of injuries in key areas.

In the Neurosurgery Unit we treat nervous system surgical diseases.

We have a vast experience in minimal invasive spine and lumbar surgery, as well as in solving especially complex cases.

Services and equipment
Services and equipment
Other Neurosurgical Services
Full equipment and advanced technology
Medical Staff

Our team of experts has a large experience



  •  Dr. Gerardo Conesa
  • Dr. Juan José Acebes
  • Dr. Pablo Mendivil
  • Dr. David Pereira


  • Dr. Andreu Gabarrós
  • Dr. Alberto Torres
  • Dr. Pablo Lópe

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  • Dr. Luis Manuel Pérez
  • Dr. Luis Hernández
Psychiatrist, Epilepsy Unit

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