If the matter is the health of your eyes, we see it clearly

In the Ophthalmology Unit we take care of our patients’ visual health. Our medical methodology is the most advanced and includes prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

We treat all ophthalmology’s sub-specialties:

  • General ophthalmology
  • Cornea (transplants, cross linking…).
  • Retina and macula
  • Pediatric ophthalmology. Experts in early detection of eye diseases in newborns.
  • Oculoplasty, orbit and tear duct
  • Sports ophthalmology
  • Workplace ophthalmology
  • Refractive (myopia surgery, hyperopia and astigmatism)
  • Facorefractive (cataract surgery)
  • Ophthalmology urgencies 24 hours a day
  • Optometry and associated optic services
  • Visual therapies

Admiravisión centers quality system has been recognized publicly by the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Model for Management Excellence since May of 2011. Also, the centers have the ISO 9001 certification, which is renewed periodically since 2004. Our organization has a clear compromise to move forward towards excellence and to improve continuously the quality of all its assistance processes designed to take care of the people’s visual health.

Do not close your eyes of your visual health. Trust us!

We provide the only ophthalmologic service with Retcam technology for the early diagnose of hidden retina diseases of newborns.


A large last-generation technological equipment

  • Keratometer CRK2000 –to perform keratometry-
  • Orbscan –corneal tomography and topography-
  • FDT Campimetry
  • Argon Laser
  • Specular Microscope SP-3000P
  • HrT computed tomography –optic nerve studies-
  • Topography
  • Pentacam HR –camera to capture images in the anterior segment
  • Yag YC 1300 Laser
  • Rectam –diagnosis of retinopathy in newborns-
  • 217Z-100 Technolas Laser
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  • NT-2000 Air Tonometry
  • Mydiatric Retinal Camera
  • Biometry
  • Fluorescent Angiography with indocyanine green
  • Aberrometer
  • Lamp with anterior pole slot –microscope-
  • Ophthalmology and optometry refraction columns
  • IOL Master
  • Paquimeter
  • Synoptophore
  • Cross Linking
  • Focimeter
  • Computerized Visual Field
  • Pupillometer
  • Ophthalmic electrophysiology
  • Ultrasound scanner
  • Plusoptix A09 vision screener
  • Optotype projector
  • Lancaster screen
  • Contrast sensitivity test
  • OQAS II Accommotrack Vision Trainer
Medical Staff

Our ophthalmologists of all specialties

  • Doctor Jesús Costa Vila (Medical Director)
  • Doctor Zoraida del Campo (Clinic Chief and specialist, cornea and facorefractive)
  • Doctor Marta Calsina (specialist, oculoplasty)
  • Doctor Mª Victoria García (specialist, ocular electrophysiology)
  • Doctor Sabina Luna (specialist, oculoplasty and pediatric ophthalmic)
  • Doctor Eva Muiños (retinologist)
  • Doctor Marina Mesquida (retinologist)
  • Doctor Miguel Quevedo (retinologist)
  • Doctor Mª Pilar Prats (specialist, refractive and facorefractive surgery)
  • Doctor Joan Ribas (general ophthalmologist)
  • Doctor Isabel Romagosa (pediatric ophthalmologic and general ophthalmologist)
  • Doctor Anouska Rombouts (general ophthalmologist)
  • Doctor Jesús Tellez (specialists, glaucoma)
  • Doctor Rafael Vila (general ophthalmologist)

We also have 10 optometrists and 2 instrumentalists

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