Less pain means better quality of life

In the Rheumatology Unit we assist day and hospitalized patients who suffer from musculoskeletal and connective tissue diseases, as well as from arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, lower-back pain, etc.

We evaluate the disease to perform the most adequate treatment for each case. When surgery is needed, we coordinate the operation procedure with the Clinic’s orthopedic and trauma staffs.

Nowadays, rheumatic diseases are not cured completely, but there are numerous treatments that allow us to control them, especially those that are more severe for our patients.

We take care of calming your pain so you can enjoy your daily life.

  • Doctor’s offices are equipped as required
  • Clínica Sagrada Familia’s supplementary services: laboratory, radiology, ultrasound, osseous densitometry, MRI and computerized tomography.
Medical staff

Specialists with recognized experience

  • Dr. Daniel Roig Vilaseca
  • Dra. Vanessa Navarro Ángeles

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