Thoracic Surgery

We gain your confidence through experience and accuracy

In our Thoracic Surgery Unit, we provide guaranteed, safe and comprehensive assistance in all operations performed to treat surgical thorax diseases. Our specialists will be at our patients’ side during the whole procedure of study, treatment and following of their cases, answering all the questions they might have.
We have at our patients’ disposal a large amount of services:

  • Advanced oncology surgery: lung cancer, mesothelioma, thymoma, mediastinum and diaphragm tumors, lung metastasis.
  • Thoracoscopic advanced surgery: major and minor surgery of lungs, pleura and mediastinum.
  • General thoracic surgery: lobectomy, pneumonectomy, segmentectomy, pleural drainage, thoracoscopy, bronchoscopy, mediastinoscopy.
  • Tracheal surgery: tracheal stenosis, tracheal tumors.
  • Hyperhidrosis surgery (excessive sweat), and/or facial blush
  • Endocrine surgery: endothoracic goiter, thymectomy, myasthenia gravis.
  • Thoracic wall surgery: pectus excavatum, pectus carinatum, wall tumors, reconstructive surgery of effects following a thoracic trauma.
  • Second opinion advice

Through closeness, experience and kindness we help you overcome the operation

We work together with other specialists of our Clinic to obtain referral results in 24 hours.


Technological equipment and personnel to provide the best assistance.

Surgical Equipment
Multitask Working Equipment
Patient assistance
Medical Staff

Our specialists: proven professionals who are always close to their patients

  • Juan Moya Amorós, Head and Director of the Thoracic Surgery Unit, Specialist in Thoracic Surgery (1978), Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona (1980), Surgery Professor at the Medicine School of the University of Barcelona (1987), and University Professor Certified by the National Agency of Evaluation and Accreditation-ANECA (2012)
  • Ivan Macia Vidueira, Thoracic Surgery Specialist (2011)
  • Francisco Rivas Doyague, Thoracic Surgery Specialist (2012)
  • Alfonso Torrego, Neumology Specialist (Bronchology)


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